Feb 23, 2011

King Cake Bevvy

We're getting excited about Mardi Gras over here. So excited, in fact, that our beverage director came up with a new Mardi Gras cocktail. It combines two of the best things about Mardi Gras, in our humble opinion: King Cakes and cocktails.

Playing off of Bourbon House's classic (and award-winning) Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch, the King Cake Bevvy, as we call it, starts with the same ice cream base. We then add in a little spiced rum (we use Old New Orleans Rum), orgeat, cinnamon bark syrup and orange juice. Topped with microplaned cinnamon bark and tri-colored sugar to show the Mardi Gras spirit, we think this is one festive beverage!

We're serving the King Cake Bevvy at Bourbon House from now through Mardi Gras, so if you're in New Orleans, stop in for a taste during your Mardi Gras travels. If you won't be in town, you can recreate the drink using the recipe below for a Mardi Gras party. And, if you want to go all out, pair it with our King Cake recipe as well!

King Cake Bevvy
Serves 1

1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 3/4 oz rum
1/2 oz cinnamon syrup
1/4 oz orgeat (almond syrup)
1/4 oz orange juice
microplaned cinnamon bark
tri-color sugar
baby swizzle stick (optional)

Blend first five ingredients together in blender.
Garnish with microplaned cinnamon bark and tri-colored sugar.
Get in the Mardi Gras spirit!


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